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One of the major Challenges facing the World Now and in the Future

The financial losses resulting from earthquakes, hurricanes and wildfires amounted to $306 billion in 2017 (Fig. Swiss Re). This represents an increase of 62% in comparison with the $188 billion lost in 2016. Overall, 2017 ranks at the third most expensive year for insured losses. How in fact can we deny the problem of climate change when we see that forest fires continued to destroy lands and properties in California in the middle of December? Spain was affected by a prolonged drought throughout the past year. Tens of thousands of Indian farmers who experienced long periods of extensive dry weather leave their land and teem into megacities already overcrowded. In Somalia and Ethiopia dryness and poverty and more generally the degradation of the environment lie at the centre of many armed coflicts. And almost everyone will recognize that climate change will have a major impact on coastal areas around the world. Despite this, a few leaders including the US President continue to challenge or question the reality of the climate warming. Yet, by all accounts, this phenomenon will lead to crises due to the explosion in the number of climate-change refugees. Especially people who can no longer live from working the land. Tens of millions of people mainly from countries in sub-Saharan Africa and from the Middle-East could trigger a huge refugee crisis. Early signs of this crisis are already visible: the pressure on boarders in Europe is increasing. "Climate change is the unpredictable ingredient that, when added to existing social, economic and political tensions, has the potential to ignite violence and conflict with disastrous consequences" (S.Trent Dir.EJF). But as 2018 begins, this is unfortunately a realistic prediction.

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