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Major World Powers and Climate Change Issues

The urgency to tackle climate change is not in doubt. Fortunately the reactions of many states in the world are going in the right direction. However it is actions and not statements that will count for the future of our planet. But we have to be positive even if the convergence between states about the climate issues seems a bit artificial. Governments across the world cannot stand idly by in the face of climate change. Public opinion would not accept it. Indeed, the concerns of the populations are very real and will weigh more and more heavily at least in democratic states. We must underline that the citizens of most countries have now access to a relevant information, the source of which is clearly identifiable. Even in countries like Russia or China people are no longer satisfied with official information. In this context, it should be emphasized that Moscow and Beijing now have a "Green Agenda". A decarbonization strategy was announced by these two countries. And it is an undeniable progress. But we need now concrete actions. And obviously it will be crucial to verify that the colossal investments necessary to tackle the climate change are made. It should also be noted that the Russian and Chinese leaders have evolved on this issue. They do not want to remain on the sideliness of the international consensus that is emerging. But the USA will also have to step up on climate action. As for the EU, it must also strongly accelerate its green transition. As for India, its leaders have promised to achieve carbon neutrality in 2070. So it's not for tomorrow. Finally, we must remember because it is essential that today adaptation to climate change is not funded. It is not excessive to say that the fate of humanity is at stake.

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