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Is the Fear of a 3rd World War Excessive ?

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Today the fighting is in Ukraine. But what will happen in a few days or weeks ? Governments and experts are already turning their gaze to Moldovia, Transnistria, the Baltic countries and even to Poland. Yes, in this war started by Russia there is surely a risk of slippage. Ukraine's Western allies, and first and foremost the USA deliver to this country the most modern weapons which are also the most deadly for the Russian forces. And the more the Russian army loses men and material, the more the Russian leaders choose to pursue the destruction of Ukraine. Evoking Ukraine's forthcoming EU and NATO membership was the spark that ignited the whole region. That said the major Western powers have also demonstrated that they want to avoid any direct conflict with Russia. This is why they refused to commit their air forces so as not to be in direct contact with the Russian air force. The enforcement of a no- fly zone has been requested many times by Ukraine's leaders, but to no avail. Because in fact this would necessarily have meant the death of Russian pilots. And this could lead us to a third World War. Let us also recall that Russian planes and helicopters have already violated the Swedish air space. And repeated incidents of this kind would undoubtedly lead to an escalation in this conflict. W.Putin launched the invasion of Ukraine and claimed that this war would be short-lived. This was another false promise from the Russian leader and another quagmire for the Russian army. That being said, we believe that European governments should not demand regime change in the Kremlin. Indeed, this would allow Pt Putin to say that the Westerners really want the enslavement of the great Russia. And of course he would also emphasize that Russia's ennemies are all Nazis. Today, and in brief, the way forward is a massive increase in economic sanctions against Russia. This may pave the way for serious negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

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