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Is China a (reliable) Partner or an (obvious) Rival for Europe ?

J.Borrel the EU's foreign policy chief recently stated that "China is clearly a necessary partner, like it or not". This statement from a high-ranking international diplomat should not prevent us from asking the following essential question: rival or partner? And the answer is clearly that China is rather a rival than a partner for the EU but also for the rest of the world.Therefore it is not surprising that a growing number of Members of the European Parliament call on European Commission to take a harder line against the current Chinese policy especially with regard to the situation in Hong Kong. The lack of transparency of the Chinese authorities especially in times of crisis is the main cause of the tensions which exist between the two parties.It is in this context that the Pt of the European Commission Mrs Von der Leyen has clearly stated that the EU should redefine its relations with China. European tech-companies in particular are very vulnerable to Chinese takeovers. And the lack of unity between certain members of the EU has greatly facilitated the action of Chinese companies which directly or indirectly depend on Chinese authorities. It is worth recalling clearly to China that the time for reciprocity has come. China must accept without a second thought to open up to investors from the rest of the world.

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