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India is almost Absent from the debate on the War in Ukraine

This major crisis clearly puts New-Delhi in a delicate diplomatic position. Faced with this war in Europe, India recals that it is a non-aligned country. This means that this country is not formally aligned with or against any existing major power bloc. However, the significant size of India -over 1.4 billion people- and its important economic development explain why this country has become a heavyweight on the world stage. But India does not want to upset its long-standing relations with Russia. Indian governments have generally considered Russia to be a reliable partner. This means that the PM Narendra Modi will do everything not to condemn in too harsh terms the war undertaken by Pt Putin against Ukraine. Let us also recall that Russia is a top arms supplier to India. In fact Russia is India's largest arms supplier. But let's also not forget that India may need the USA support in the event of a new serious tension with China. India's foreign policy is therefore often a search of a balance that is not always easy to achieve. Today it is undisputed that India has good relations with both Russia and the USA. In a very tense international situation as we know it today India can be a serious interlocutor in the search for peaceful solutions. But what remains essential is that no democratic country can remain indifferent to the fate of another country which has been unjustly attacked. Ukraine is clearly the victim of Russian aggression and suffers massive destruction.

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  • Chowdhury Jayanta said:

    it today India can be a serious interlocutor in the search for peaceful solutions.


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