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India can only take notice of the Taliban Victory

VOA, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It is hard to deny that Pakistan - India's historic enemy - is the first beneficiary of the return of the Talibans in Afghanistan. It is also difficult to deny that in many countries around the world Pakistan is considered as a haven for terrorists. It must also be underlined that numerous observers on the ground have seen that the Pakistani secret services have been very active during this crisis. And the Western countries were able only to take note that Pakistan is moving further and further away from the principles of democracy and placing itself under Chinese protectorate. This situation moreover illustrates the fact that many Western countries were not prepared to risk their troops in areas where they had no interests. And in fact it is India which finds hostile countries at its borders or near its borders: Pakistan, China and today Afghanistan. However, Pakistan should also worry about the proliferation of ultra-radical groups operating in Afghanistan and who are opposed to the power currently in place in Kabul. That said, this context of great tension also allows the West to strengthen its ties with India. Most European countries clearly support India but fear the resumption of terrorists attacks on their territory. Pakistan, Russia and China can obviously benefit from the Afghan crisis. And the United-States could suffer from its ambiguous position in this conflict. Finally, let us stress that Taliban victory resulted in the liberation of thousands of combatants. The situation in that part of the world gives little ground for optimism.

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