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In time of Crisis we need a Clear Message

Covid-19 or any other pandemic virus will not go away on its own. The message of governments to their citizens must be very clear, unequivocal and strong. The criticism voiced by certain political leaders against the use of masks is a mistake. Indeed this sanitary crisis is serious. Public health protection must be a global effort. The truth is that many of the pandemic's effects on our societies and economies may be persistent. Even if we need to underline that the infection rate remains for the moment relatively low. The ongoing or future waves of redundancies will have a strong impact on the unity of our societies. Without any other alternative policy States provide massive subsidies to firms regardless of whether the deficit or the debt will increase. This is the situation we are currently experiencing. It could be difficult to reopen the economy. Hopes for a rapid economic recovery are running away. However considering our current situation the lockdown restrictions needed must not be relaxed to soon. The authorities have the legitimacy to take such binding measures. But above all and to cope with this crisis we need individual responsibility.

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