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In the Hope that the New Year 2022 will be Better than the one we just had

WHO Conference on Health and Climate (CC BY 2.0) by UNclimatechange

First of all what seems to be good news in the context of the Health Crisis we are going through: the World Health Organization (WHO) hopes that States will negotiate a new International Agreement. The essential objective of such an agreement is to be able to anticipate the new pandemics. The International Organization believes that these discussions can be concluded by 2024. It should be noted that whether this agreement will be binding or not will be at the center of the debate. It is an essential objective which nevertheless seems difficult to achieve. Indeed, no real sanction is foreseen against the States which violate this new agreement. In any case, the WHO has no military or police force at its disposal. It is therefore to be feared that without any real constraint, negligent states , in particular those which would delay declaring serious health situations on their territory, will make the same mistakes as during the current Covid 19 crisis. Unsurprisingly most of the countries act only according to their economic and geo-strategic interests. Consequently, it only remains to bet on the wisdom of governments across the world to hope for a better year 2022 than the previous one. But it will be up to all citizens to apply new behaviors and this in the general interest of the population.

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