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In a period of Crisis the question of Food self-sufficiency is a Burning Issue / CC BY-SA (

Until recently the existence of a powerful and globalized food industry seemed to be obvious. Only a minority were totally against globalization. That said, the current crisis has revealed the weakness in the global food supply architecture. Many questions about how we produce and consume food have been raised. There is little doubt that consumers will switch to more healthy and more sustainable food. And of course, this health crisis has reopened the debate about the need to increase the efficiency of the national food supply on imports of goods. The 6 Nations with highest self-sufficiency ratio rates on a calorie supply basis are: 1.Australia-2.USA-3.France -4.Germany-5.Italy-6.Switzerland. The most frequently used definition of food self-sufficiency by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO-UN) is as follows: it is a country that can meet its food needs from its own domestic production. The current epidemic situation can evolve quickly. Further quarantining of goods and people may soon be decided. In this scenario there would be an increasing number of harbors and airports that would be seriously affected by such restrictions. Moreover, national food production would be severely hampered if people cannot continue to go to work as usual. If there is a silver lining to this health crisis, it is its potential to act as a catalyst and to push for action to meet the challenge of food self-sufficiency.

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