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In a light tone, a few brief comments on our New Working Habits

Do less but gain more in less time is the new slogan used by many working people. How to better balance work and private life is undoubtedly an interesting question. And a large number of comments underline the importance of this issue. One can thus read, here and there, that "one of the biggest transformations to our lives as a result of the pandemic has been the wide scale adoption of remote working (Re.Zurich Insurance ). This is correct. It is also not disputable that many people have to spend too much time in transport. And of course public transport and private cars are important factors of air pollution. Nevertheless, it is normal to wonder how this situation will evolve, especially if contacts with an employer or a supervisor are made only through video. The concept of a four-day work week is already anchored in the habits of many developed countries. But we don't really know where to go from here. What will be the future of work ? It is not an easy question to answer. Maybe each of us will be free to decide when his work day is his own risk of course !

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