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In a Continent that is overcome with doubt, Switzerland remains an island of stability

2019 is predicted to be a year full of danger for Europe. Indeed, the outlook seems pretty grim. The next elections to the European Parliament could be a turning point for the EU. Eurosceptic parties could win these elections. Their primary objective is to paralyse the European institutions. In addition, a new Pt of the European Commission and a new Pt of the European Central Bank must be selected. The discussions on these appointments will be very challenging. To that must be added a Brexit that is of high complexity. To this should be added the difficult relationship between Brussels and member states such as Poland and Hungary, countries that do not respect the rule of law. To these should be added a hard-right government in Italy - Eurozone's third largest economy - that strongly opposes the european budgetary policies. And Spain struggling with the calls for Catalonia's independence. And Germany faced for the first time in long time with governmental instability etc.. In short, the European continent is on very thin ice. In contrast with this somewhat chaotic landscape, one country, Switzerland, has demonstrated political and economic stability. This country is alongside with Norway and Sweden, one of the only 3 countries considered fully stable (Re.Marsh Risk Map). Switzerland's current institutional negotiations with the EU are complicated. However, and against the backdrop of an uncertain international situation, it is to be hoped that european negotiators will show some flexibility on complex issues. This would, in a way, be a "bonus" for a country that has been a reliable partner of the EU for a long time.

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