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In 2019, European Union will face many Difficulties and could be in Danger

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Within the EU, tensions are high between several Member States and the Commission. Budgetary and immigration issues give rise to conflicts. The fact is that many European Governments are in fragile political situations. And we are talking about the big boys of Europe: France, Italy, Spain and Germany. To all this one must add the extremely complex problems which resulted from Brexit. And the European elections scheduled in May 2019 could clearly lead to more instability due to the strengthening of extremist parties. The European citizens want more security in all parts of their life and are therefore asking for more European solutions to respond to crises and risks. At the same time these citizens can no longer accept the "technocratic" decisions from Brussels that ignore national realities. It is difficult to come to grips with a situation like this. On the International level, things are also looking grim: relations with Russia have worsened, there is an atmosphere of mistrust with China and the credibility of the Trump administration is called into question. This climate of uncertainty can only reinforce the fears and the pessimisms of many Europeans. The European Union may be standing on the brink of turmoil.

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