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Fight against Counterfeiting: a Red Alert was declared

By Nichtvermittelbar (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The flow of counterfeiting products is devastating to the economy. Indeed, the global figures on the scale of counterfeiting explode. The latest estimate puts the figure at $ 461 billion for 2013 (Fig.OECD) and this number could climb to $ 991 billion by 2022 (Fig.IACC). But if the alert turned red, this is mainly because this flood of cash is increasingly feeding the terrorist groups. These illicit activities have been well-documented by many intelligence services. Today, there is no doubt that counterfeiting is funding the actions of terrorist groups around the globe. These organizations are deeply involved in the trafficking of pirated products and counterfeits, in a wide variety of fields. Examples include the Hezbollah : drugs, video games, auto spares - the ETA: brand clothes and bags - the IS: cigarettes, mobile phones, false documents (Report UNIFAB 2016). Viewed globally, and according to the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice counterfeiting is now the second largest source of criminal incomes. It affects all business sectors from luxury products to mass market consumer goods ( food, drugs, cosmetics, hardware, tools, hygiene products etc..). As regards the trade in ICD goods only, the OECD report estimates this market at $ 143 billion (Fig.2013): nearly one in five mobile phones and one in four video game consoles shopped internationally is fake. Of particular concern are the ever closer links between terrorists and criminal networks. Therefore, all reports and information have led authorities to raise the level of urgency on this most important issue. This battle against counterfeit products will greatly depend on a significant increase in the sanctions. Indeed, if profits are very high but the risks are low, the world mafias and terrorist organizations will increasingly turn to criminal counterfeiting.

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