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Fake Money: a Weapon of War

"Pakistan is directly or indirectly a major source of fake currency in our country " claims Indian Government. Counterfeit notes have always represent a threat for Governments throughout the world. If we just go back to World War 2 Germany used fake currency to destabilise Great-Britain. According to the authorities fake high quality Indian currency notes principally originate from Pakistan through various routes like Dubaï, Jammu and Kashmir Bangladesh etc.. The total amount of fake currency in India could be about Rs 12,00,000 crores ( 1 crore = 10 Million Rupies). Counterfeit money affects a nation economy in particular through an increasing inflation, a devaluation of the currency which affects the value of its monetary reserves and finally the country enters into recession. In India the Central Bureau of Investigation carries the responsibility for tackling this matter of the utmost seriousness. And the Indian Government intends to classify offences involving fake currency as terror acts. But in a country where the overwhelming majority of people use cash for their transactions, this fight may take time.

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