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Europol's view on the Sanitary Crisis

OSeveno, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Let us first remember briefly that the mission of Europol is to support its Member States -42 countries including the 27 EU Member states- in preventing and combating organized crime and terrorism in Europe. It is interesting to stress what the Organization has observed during the first months of this pandemic. Europol highlighted a number of key factors which had a significant impact on crime during the Covid19 crisis. Unsurprisingly Europol stressed that despite lockdowns and restrictions the organized crime is always able to adapt to any changing circumstances which include pandemic periods. It appears and it is not a surprise either that much of this criminal activity is done through Internet. These illicit activities involve the distribution of counterfeit and substandard goods including masks and breathing apparatuses but also fake test kits and treatments. The scarcity of some of these products during the first months of the pandemic is the leading explanation for the rise of such criminal activities. This sanitary crisis is a golden opportunity for all these traffickers and criminals. Against this worrisome backdrop, Police authorities around the world must urgently take action to strengthen their cooperation and eradicate illicit activities that endangers the health of entire populations.

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