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Europe remains one of the main targets of Terrorism

Tasnim News Agency [CC BY 4.0 (]

Obviously, ISIS has lost the capacity to defend its territory in Iraq and Syria. But, it is precisely because of its current weakness that this criminal group plans to organize and launch terrorist attacks in other parts of the world and especially in Europe. For many months now, hundreds of ISIS fighters have fled to neighboring countries of Syria with their weapons and a significant amount of war material. Moreover, according to the UN (Report Feb.2019) ISIS war chest which has been transferred out of Syria could amount up to $ 300 million in cash. And according to Europol (Report 2018) 975 individuals were arrested in the EU for terrorist related offenses. And most of this arrests were related to jihadist terrorism. Nine EU Member States including the UK (107 attacks), France (54 attacks) and Spain (16 attacks) reported a total of 205 foiled, failed and completed terrorist attacks in 2017. A trend that shows no sign of reversing. Against this harsh backdrop, security services are facing a major issue: the problem of jihadi fighters -in prison in Syria and Iraq- who want to return home. In fact, most European governments are doing everything they can to ensure that these fighters do not have access to the EU territory. Furthermore, at least 100 European ISIS fighters should be prosecuted in Iraq with many facing death penalty (Re: W. Worley). This is another complicated issue, given that all EU Member States have abolished the death penalty. That said, who could blame the competent authorities when they decide to prohibit the return of these individuals? Because the question is: who would shoulder the responsibility of an attack planned by these people after their return to Europe?

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