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Europe, land of the Bloodiest Conflicts has become the World's most Peaceful Region

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For centuries, Europe was devastated by bloody conflicts. World War II is considered as the deadliest military conflict in history: an estimated total of 80 Million people perished which represented nearly 3% of the 1940 population. If we just focus on European countries we must stress again that the casualties were heavy. The following figures speak for themselves. The total civilian and military deaths are estimated country-by-country, just to mention a few, at: 86,000 in Belgium - 567,000 in France - 800,000 in Greece - 300,000 in Netherlands and 450,000 in the UK (Re.The National WW II Museum). Today, and according to the Global Peace Index, 13 countries of the world's 20 most peaceful countries are in Europe. The top 5 nations of this index are: 1.Iceland. 2.New-Zealand.3. Portugal. 4. Austria and 5. Denmark. The European Union was first set up with the aim of ending the frequent wars between neighbors. In that regard it is an indisputable success. Nevertheless, this did not prevent the Europeans and especially the French and British Governments from investing in the arms industry. Finally, we should not forget the words of the emperor Julius Caesar: "If you want peace. prepare for war".

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