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During the Pandemic Wars continue

Par Spc. Zakia Gray —, Domaine public,

The UN Secretary General's call for an immediate ceasefire around the world to confront the fury of the Covid-19 sparked positive intentions from certain States or armed rebellions. However, he did not change the game and no belligerent wanted to take a break in the war -including the US,Russia and Syria-. And if some particularly deadly pandemics could change the face of the world throughout history, we have never seen a war suddenly stop due to health crisis. Neither the Ebola virus in Africa, nor Polio in Syria or Cholera in Yemen have deterred conflict actors from pursuing their war goals.Neither Washington, nor Moscow would vote texts involving a constraint for their military operations because of the Covid-19 health crisis. Currently, the United Nations must manage the day-to-day operations concerning thirteen peacekeeping operations including the Western Sahara, the Central African Republic, Mali, Darfur, Golan, Cyprus, Lebanon, Kosovo etc...And of course the UN must also ensure the health of its own troops which most often are already confronted with diseases that are still not eradicated.

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1 comment :

  • Eyaroyi Godfrey said:

    Every things happen for a reason . Just imagine if covid 19 did come only God knows what will happen


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