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Cybersecurity will remain for a long time at the center of concern for many States and Companies

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Cyber risks are at the center of global attention. Of course, and in an overall context of instability, cyber security issues are of concern to many governments, but not only. Business owners, hospital and laboratory leaders, researchers in various scientific fields and so many others are very concerned about attacks on their computer systems. The recent WEF's global risk report stresses that the cyber risks imperil the security of many states around the world. Cybersecurity has undoubtedly become a national security priority. It has to be recalled that those who attack cybersecurity systems belong essentially to two categories: individuals seeking ransoms and authoritarian states seeking to destabilize democratic states. Business leaders are now increasingly elevating the importance of cybersecurity to their companies. This threat is undoubtedly among the biggest security challenges confronting governments and enterprises today. According to the Securitymagazine all IT security managers are fully aware that they hold in their hands the future of their company. Phishing attacks are accountable for 95% of breaches in enterprises networks (Re.Cisco). And ransomware to release the infected data is employed in 22% of the cases. But the reality is that cloud computing and the internet of things increased vulnerability of all modern societies. Finally, we must point out that unfortunately the chances of catching a cybercriminal are very low (Re.WEF).

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