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China, India and Russia are First in Vaccine Diplomacy

COVID-19 vaccine (Public Domain) by Alachua County

Obviously, these three majors countries seek to boost their global influence on the occasion of the Covid-19 crisis. Many observers call this the "Vaccine Diplomacy". Above all, we think that we should avoid any political controversy and take such assistance in a positive way. Let us recall that sending medicines and medical teams abroad is not a first. Countries such as Cuba have been sending medical teams to Africa and South-America for decades. Russia made a deliberate choice to send its vaccines -Spoutnik V- to foreign countries instead of giving them to its own population. For its part, India which is a major producer of medicines has initially chosen to ship its vaccines to all countries that requested them. Then faced with the rise of the epidemic in its own country the PM Mr Modi decided to prioritize India's own vaccine needs. Unsurprisingly, China tries to impose its vaccines all over the world. In this matter the EU was simply absent. And yet, this did not prevent Mr Breton the EU Internal Market Commissioner to provoke the anger of the Kremlin by claiming that the Europeans did not need the Russian vaccine. In the meantime the WHO through the voice of its Executive Director tries to prevent "Covid-19 vaccine nationalism". What a challenge !

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