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Britain to invest £1 million in business centers

On the heels of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to India last month comes the news that the British government will invest £1.1 million in a network of British Business Centers around India, the first being in New Delhi later this year. Six other centers, including one in Mumbai, are planned in the country by 2017. The business centers will help British businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are looking to either set up in India or expand their existing operations in the country. The centers will help businesses with market research, advice on the nature of business in India and the hurdles of setting up, cost calculation, and will provide services that include ancillary support, hot-­‐desking and meeting facilities, incubation services, support for delegations, and most importantly, networking and mentoring support by British business leaders who are experts at doing business in India. The business centers are part of Britain’s global initiative to strengthen its business networks in almost two dozen overseas markets. The India leg will be handled by the UK India Business Council (UKIBC). A managing director has yet to be appointed.

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