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A hazy idea that could undermine the entire Society

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Good intentions do not make a policy. In fact, the idea of an unconditional basic income (UBI) for everyone has been around for a long time. Today, more and more individuals especially amongst the younger generations do not want to sacrifice personal or family time in order to focus on work. We believe that the most compelling argument in favor of UBI is that it could significantly reduce the sheer number of existing social protection schemes surrounding the welfare state. Further explanations which underline that UBI would make benefit fraud obsolete or could help reduce inequalities within our societies are still to be proven. In short, let us recall that instead of providing social benefits governments would pay to each individual and throughout his life the same monthly amount of money. But, of course, the key question is how to finance this ? Just one example about the funding of such a measure: on the basis of $10,000 a year, 320 million Americans would receive $3.2 trillion! In fact the implementation of the UBI faces a number of challenges which are situated at the crossroads of ethical, social and budgetary requirements. We hope nobody wants a confrontation between those who freely decide to stop working and those whose efforts contribute to the development of their countries.However, we have no doubt that the latter will be quickly demotivated and that the recipients of UBI will just as quickly claim for an increase in their allocation. In reality this project is today at a dead end. If in spite of this it goes ahead it will become socially explosive. So yes, of course, we support social solidarity. But we do not advocate a blind and administrative redistribution of wealth.

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