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A few interesting Facts and figures about our Summer Vacation

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The importance of the economic impact of travel and tourism activities for many countries around the world is well established. Europe remains the world’s favorite tourist destination (Re.UNWTO). For the European economy alone these activities directly contributed an estimated $ 871 billion for GDP and 14.4 million jobs through direct employment in this sector (Re.Statista). An average European household has a budget of $ 2257 for summer holidays. In Spain this budget amounts to $ 2010, in France it is $ 2460 and in Germany it is $ 2758 (Re. Europ Assistance Fig.2019). Swiss households spend an average $ 3273 during their summer vacation, about 40% more than the European average (Re.IPSOS). When they travel outside their own country European tourists have a clear preference for three holidays destinations: France, Spain and Italy. And the majority of them still prefer the coastal regions (62%). However, an increasing number of tourists choose to take their vacation in the country (24%) or in the mountains (23%). It is also worth noting, that there is a clear trend towards more environmentally friendly tourism. Today, the carbon footprint of travel is a fundamental factor in choosing a means of transport for 17% of Europeans (Re. Europ Assistance). Of course, the tourism industry will have to make intensive efforts to meet the changing needs of its customers.

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