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A few considerations about European Digital Sovereignty

The digital sovereignty is for the European Union a key target to stay at the top in an increasingly competitive world. And it is not just an economic matter. Indeed, digital sovereignty is critical to national and international security. Today any state that wishes to remain a major political player must reach the digital autonomy. The continuously growing cyber threats to our major infrastructures including energy resources, the health system or the surveillance of the territory are the first signs of a worrying pressure on our democratic system itself. In fact we are increasingly dependent on our digital infrastructures and these appear to be increasingly fragile. It must also be stressed (Re.WEF) that 92% of data of the West is hosted in the USA. Moreover there are no European companies in the top 20 of global tech trends. As a result, the EU must massively invest in order to regain control over its own "digital destiny". We must also recognize that today European technology companies are not able to compete with foreign cloud service providers. Faced with this failure it is essential that European nations regain their autonomy in the digital field. Europe can no longer stand by and watch the US-Chinese technological competition. In a nutshell, Europe needs urgently to reduce its dependence on foreign technology. But it will take a lot of will and substantial financial means.

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