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A few Comments on Age Discrimination

It is an indisputable fact. The current health crisis has generated a feeling of discrimination among the elderly. Many people use the term "seniors": It is an attractive but often loosely used term. Indeed, the substantive issue is not so much the question of the age of a person but his state of health, his condition. This issue of aging was highlighted with the Covid-19 pandemic which affected many elderly people. One of the definitions of agism could clearly be the following: it is an unfair treatment of people who are old. What seems essential today is to recall as often as necessary that older people must be able to request an adequate standard of living and of course must also be able to access to social rights. In addition it must be recalled that one of the major difficulties faced by those over 50 is the access to stable employment. Older people have relatively low employment rates. But it is equally true that especially in our western societies young people are also very affected by unemployment. This situation is very worrying. Longer average lifespans and lower birth rates mainly explain this passionate debate about agism.

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1 comment :

  • Faoro Angelo said:

    It is indeed during this times that an elderly person hasn't the guilt of the world on his shoulders, it is the result of the situation we face, all younger or older are involved in the same circumstances, avoiding to get the virus, we are or we were thought to respect our elderly, we are here a way or another because of them, they bring us up... The best way they could... Employment in these days it is hard to come by, true indeed, should not a factor of older or younger but rather a factor of whom keep on looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, liberal jet a bit vague, however, not a issue to be brought up, endure during this times, letting each one of us try to keeping the ones around us safe the best we know how, the radical idea of employment of whom or what isn't much of a discussion that should be brought up now giving that some of the most endangered are exactly the elderly.

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