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A Tricky Question: does Europe have the Capacity to Defend itself ?

It is obvious today that Europe's security still leans on the US. The war in Ukraine underlines the major weaknesses of the countries of the European Union in the face of a long and high intensity conflict. Furthermore, the somewhat ambiguous position of a few governments vis à vis Russia at least at the start of the war, we think of Germany and Italy , explains why European public opinion is divided when it comes to take a clear position on the Russian aggression. And if we recall the anti-americanism that remains firmly anchored in countries like France, we can better understand that the current leaders of Russia thought they had a free hand to pursue the war against Ukraine.We must also stress that it is not enough to repeat that Europeans will provide unfailing support to Ukraine, we must add deeds to words. And it is precisely at this moment that European governments became aware of their weakness, noting that they had decided several years ago to let their military budget melt away. Today objectivity compels us to stress that Russia does indeed constitute a danger for the entire European continent. Finally, the observation that we can make is that Europe is still dependent on NATO and more particularly on its American ally. And it is unlikely that the situation will change in the next few years.Let us simply recall that the annual military expenditure of the USA is more than 900 billion$, while that of Europe (EU&UK) is just over 300 billion$.These figures explain the major reason for Europe's lack of strategic autonomy.

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