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A Search for a genuine Quality of Life

We do not dispute that the concept of quality of life is hard to be define clearly. It is a mix of material, physical and even moral well-being. It is also a very fashionable topic of conversation. However, those who study this concept underline that quality of life remains an unattainable luxury for a majority of people around the world. That said, it is undeniable that the emergence of the current sanitary crisis has made the issue of quality of life even more perceptible. And there is a Quality of Life Index which is well known to those called the expats. According to this index (Re.Numbeo 2020) 5 countries are on the top: 1.Denmark 2.Switzerland 3.Finland 4.Netherlands 5.Austria. This search for a better quality of life has undoubtedly become an important marker of the evolution of our contemporary societies. One of the most visible consequences of the Covid 19 crisis is the fact that so many people have chosen telework. And that is definitely a choice of quality of life.

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