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A Priority for 2023: Food Security

Taz, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The fight against food waste is essential. It is obvious if we recall the following figures: about 2.3 Billion people in the world, i.e. nearly 30% of the population, are in a situation of food insecurity (Re.FAO). And according to the United Nations (UN) the world is still losing ground in its fight to end hunger and malnutrition. Under these circumstances, it cannot be accepted any longer that almost a third of food production is not consumed.The FAO estimated that this scandalous mess represented more than 1.3 Billion tonnes of food that was thrown away ! It is also important to point out that 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are due to the production of food that is never consumed. And we consumers are the main culprits of this mess.If Europe, the United States and part of Asia are responsible for a little more than a half of these food losses, all the continents are affected by bad practices used to fight against food waste. The current economic situation and more particularly the food production situation is worsened by a major conflict between Russia and Ukraine. It is necessary to remember that Russia and Ukraine supply the world with 28% of wheat, 29% of barley, 15% of corn and 75% of sunflower oil. Finally, it should be emphasized that the current situation of high inflation obviously affects food products to the detriment of many consumers around the world. Indeed and according to the World Bank average wheat, maize and rice prices in October 2022 are 18%, 27% and 10% higher respectively than in October 2021. The most modest families are already affected by the increase in the prices of many food products. And there is no reason to be optimistic about the immediate future. "The worse is yet to come. There will be famines, destabilized nations and mass migratory movements" (David Beasley Dir. World Food Programme).

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