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A Bad Sign for Democracy in the World

The number of people executed throughout the world is constantly rising. According to Amnesty International the number of executions carried out globally rise by 53% in 2022. However we must admit that it is difficult to have very precise figures since very often the countries concerned carried out executions in absolute secrecy. And it should be remember that the USA are also "members of this club". The American authorities recorded 18 executions in 2022. Amnesty International also stressed that there were 883 known cases of executions across 20 nations and that 3 countries -Iran,Saudi Arabia and Egypt- were responsible for 90% of these capital punishments.We can therefore estimate the number of capital executions in the world at probably more than 2000 per year. However, today a majority of experts believe that China remains the country that carries out the greatest number of capital executions. But it is impossible to obtain precise figures, these data being classified as state secrets. In 2022 there are 110 states in the world that have abolished the death penalty. As the UN recognizes 195 independent countries in the world, there are still many efforts to be made to definitely abolish the death penalty especially in non-democratic countries. Finally it should be remembered that opponents of the death penalty still believe that maintaining and enforcing capital punishment will not reduce violence in the world.

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