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500 Million people with no access to banks

This figure is only a rough estimate. But experts assert that nearly half of India's population have no access to banks or to any other financial service. And the link is obvious between poverty and lack of access to basic financial services. And yet according to a recent survey of the Central University of Bihar there are 21 public sector banks,23 private banks and 36 foreign banks besides a large number of cooperative and rural banks. The two biggest issues that explain that so few indians have bank accounts are not surprising. On the one hand banks did not find the solution to make a profit in many rural areas and remote villages. On the other hand poor people just cannot save money. As a result these people must rely on money lenders and accept loans at extortionate rates. There is only one option to improve the situation. The Government will have to support indian banks which are prepared to serve poor customers in particular those who live outside the big cities and the urban areas. Finally,and the news is good,technology could help India's underprivileged population. The creation two years ago of the world's largest identity database which will enable to verify any identity within a few seconds should allow many citizens to open a bank account.

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