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12 billion fingerprints and 2.6 billion irises!

An impressive and dramatic project was launched in India in 2009.This biometric data base,the largest in the world, which is still growing in 2013 should be consider as the utmost challenge for the country.This project is for India's society even more important than the often delayed economic reform.It will enable to verify the identity of any indian within a few seconds.At the end of the process each citizen should have his national ID card.The UID project-unique identity project-has so far scanned the irises of more than 230 million people.Strengthening national security remains undoubtedly a target for the federal authorities.But the implementation of this very ambitious project should first help lift out of poverty nearly 600 million people. It will improve the delivery of all kind of social services reducing in the meantime the waste of money spent by the authorities by allowing an electonic transfer of cash to the poorest.A recent report estimated that such an electronic platform for government payments to households,avoiding in this way the usual go-between, could save up to$18 billion annually.India's Government took up this challenge. The success of such an extraordinary project which first aim is to enable welfare payments electronically will constitute an undeniable progress for many indian citizens.

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