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  • Ref.IM 046: Automobile car services industry located in Maharashtra, India. This company is working as Exide Battery service provider for battery changing station and service station. It is also an Exide Battery industrial dealer. The number of employees is below 100. Looking for any suitable Business Opportunity. (2017)
  • Ref.IM 047: Start Up company based in Bangalore India. Looking for opportunities to work as Vendor / Joint Venture / Branch with foreign companies. This company has a good experienced team in pre-press (Typesetting) viz., Journals, Books and Magazine Design layouts. (2017)
  • Ref.IM 048: Upcoming Pharmaceutical trading company - established in Nov. 2016 - based out of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. This company employs between 150 and 170 p.It is looking for a an International Company for strategic tie-up in India for marketing their high end products in the Indian Market.(2017)
  • Ref.IM 049: Indian company located in Pune. This company was established in 1996 and employs 53 people. It is active in plastics injection moulding MSME serving to auto-electrical and electronics industry. It is looking for JV or tie up with any overseas company having their own products in the plastic field.(2018)
  • Ref.IM 050: Indian company of Engineering Services with proven experience in the field of Product Design and Development. It is located in Karnataka. It has sufficient space to add new manufacturing facility into its own premises. This company is looking for Contract Manufacturing or JV opportunities.(2018)
  • Ref.IM 051: Indian company established in 1990. It employs currently 300 employees. This company provides the complete solution for the cleaning, grading separating and polishing for all type of grains. Seeking collaboration with an International company for the cleaning section or any other job work or any other new development.(2018)
  • Ref.0073: Mid-sized manufacturing company located in Ahmedabad, India. Suppliers and Exporters of Pulverizers & Grinding Machines which includes Rotary Dryer, Drum Dryer, Ribbon Blender etc..100 employees. This company is looking for possibilities of collaboration, Joint-Venture, contract manufacturing etc.. (2017)
  • Ref.0074: Indian Industrial Automation & Engineering company located nearby Delhi. The company was established in 2002 and employs 125 people. It offers various type of industrial automation integration with PLCs and SCADA manufacturer of LT/HT panels,PF panels, PLC panels, control panels. Also Process pendant many more for all operational electrical needs for various verticals. The company is looking for Contract Manufacturing and JV with an International company for domestic and export Business (2017)
  • Ref.0075: Indian machinery manufacturing company - textile printing machines, processing machines, colour dispensing machines, is looking for a JV with a reputed partner for manufacturing a wide range of products specially of textile industry or dispensing of powders, liquids, chemicals of any industry. This company is established since 1956 in multi locations. Its run by a family of enterpreneurs all involved in multi dimensional businesses involving, textile machinery manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceutials, packaging and material handling. Textile machinery manufacturing facility : established in total of 30,000+ sq mtrs factory space including a single facility of 20,000 sq mtrs. all locations are spread in different ares of ahmedabad. A company with a total workforce of 150 - 200 employees. having sales in 30 + countries. (2017)
  • Ref.0076: Indian Infrastructure Company based in Pune. This company established in 1976 has completed many projects all over the State of Maharashtra. It employs 36 people. Looking for a JV Partner for big projects worth around $ 25 Million.(2017)
  • Ref.0077: This Company is in the process of starting in India with a brand new Plant. It operates a state of the art Iron and Steel foundry catering to Stone Crushing, Tool, Aerospace and Defense Industry. It has an expertise in custom manufacturing, machining, fabrication and assembling of all kinds of products within the metal and plastic realm. Interested in partnering up with companies looking to set up a JV.(2017)
  • Ref.0078: Indian early stage tech- startup located in Chennai. This mechanical engineering consultancy firm is offering a service in product design, finite element analysis and product development of special purpose machineries from conceptual stage to reality, information technology & communication engineering. It is looking for JV opportunities.(2018)
  • Ref.0079: Indian company located in Odisha. It was established in 2017. The company is looking for JV to export mineral ores from India. It is currently exporting gypsum, sulphur and soda ash. It is planning to export iron ores.(2018)
  • Ref.0080: This company is a 30 year old steel and stainless steel foundry located in India (Gujarat). It has expertise in manufacturing cast and machined components and centrifugal pipes with state of the art infrastructure and all international accreditations. It has been doing regular exports across the world. This company is looking for a JV or any other long term association with Manufacturers for Valves, Pumps and Foundries.(2019)

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