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Smart Homes are also vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

By EnergieAgentur.NRW [CC BY 2.0 (, CC BY 2.0 ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 de (], via Wikimedia Commons

The repeated cyber attacks against IT infrastructure are sobering reminders of our vulnerability to hackers. They are consequences of our current dependence on our computer systems and on our future dependence on the IoT (Internet of Things). It just so happens that many people wish to acquire a "smart home". And many home owners wish to install a home automation system. It must be noted that the current average cost for such a technology is less than $ 2'000. Obviously, today, "smart home" technology is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Nonetheless, sales pitches tend to focus on comfort, security and efficiency in the usage of energy. This last argument as regards the lighting and the heating in particular, is difficult to contest. The revenue of the "smart home" market worldwide is expected to be more than $58 billion in 2020 (Fig.TMR). And this market will pursue its expansion because the IoT device prices will continue to fall. However, this business faces 2 major challenges. First, increasingly rapid changes in technology. And this is a matter of great concern for the consumer : will such an automation system that we plan to install tomorrow in our home be around in the next year? Furthermore, will it be easy and convenient to use? And on the substance of this matter, there is one "small detail" which we should ponder: Who ultimately is going to have control of your "smart home"? You, as the property owner, or rather the installer of the connected devices, or rather the company that sold the technology? But it could also be the hacker! We should think about that. IoT and "smart home" automation will almost certainly disrupt the way we live. Now is the time to require from the relevant industry and service sectors much more investment in order to reduce the vulnerability of those technologies.

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